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A range of excellent First Aid courses available

We cannot stress enough the importance of having a basic understanding of First Aid. Everyday situations can turn life-threatening in an instant, and we want as many people as possible to be prepared for these scenarios. Midlands First Aid Training courses are available for anybody who is interested in learning more about First Aid, whether it be for work or personal purposes. Take a look at our wide range of courses to see which is best suited to you.

First Aid at Work »

These courses are especially suited for nominated workplace first aiders. We offer the following training for work-related First Aid:
First Aid at Work course
First Aid at Work Requalification course
Emergency First Aid at Work course

Paediatric First Aid »

We offer a Paediatric First Aid course which meets the requirements of the Early Years foundation stage statutory framework. So if you’re looking to work with young children up to 8 years old, this is the ideal course for you.

First-On-Scene First Aid »

This is an excellent course to prepare you for times when you may be the first at the scene of an accident and so your actions can play a huge part in saving somebody’s life.
Not sure which course is best for you? Contact us today to speak to one our friendly team members who can help you make your decision, based on your requirements.

We also offer Fire Awareness courses for people interested in that extra safety aspect.

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